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Annual Winter Festival

For the past 5 years Mac Daddy’s Annual Winter Festival has been an incredible opportunity to meet and greet tons of people from the community, customers and vendors alike. And this year was no exception. New friendships were made and smiles were given, starting from 10 a.m. through lunch and into the late afternoon, Mac Daddy’s was booming with family and friends playing in the arcade, challenging each other at the alley, and eating some of the best food on the Crystal Coast. It was easy to see that fun is always served here.

We watched with sheer joy, a mother and son play air hockey, laughing and joking, exchanging friendly competitive jests (The son won by the way). Smiles beamed from our faces when we saw a father teaching his little girl how to bowl, as she held a new hair ribbon that was just purchased from a vendor. We were tempted to join in at the cakewalk; everyone won, so it was hard to resist the fun. The day truly was fun filled and exciting.

The 5th Annual Winter Festival here at Mac Daddy’s was a huge hit! Vendors from all over Eastern Carolina came and showcased some really awesome products. The amount of creativity in the building was bursting at the seams. It almost seemed like the windows would shatter from trying to hold it all in, we even had live Celtic music throughout the Festival. Many vendors showcased their handmade products, everything from hair ribbons to sweet treats; it left nothing but excitement for the entire day.

By the end of the day, we were a little sad it was over, but mostly excited for next year. We’re always looking for extra reasons and events to have Fun Served Here at Mac Daddy’s.